Mackie CR5 BT

Hangfalpár, aktív, 5", bluetooth, 50W, fa ház
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75 900 Ft
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The new CR4BT and CR5BT join the CR3 and CR4, all designed to Bridge the gap between professional and personal appications. The new CR5BT features a high-output 5″ woofer, delivering added low-frequency response, perfect for extended-range music and A/V post-production. All CR monitors ultilize 3/4″ silk-dome tweeters for smooth, articulate highs. Unique to the line, a left/right speaker placement switch allows users to locate the volume control on the left or right of their workstation. The front panel includes a on/off/volume knob with a lit power indication ring that will also control the volume of headphones, which can be plugged directly into the front of the monitors. Both new models feature a front panel Bluetooth button for easy pairing and connection indication. Bluetooth streaming is great for comparing mixes, auditioning files or just enjoying a bit of music or video. There is an additional front panel aux input for connecting alternate audio sources.

All Mackie CR Series monitors come with all the connecting cables needed for the user to get started immediately. As a bonus, there’s even a pair of acoustic isolation pads included. Used in professional applications, acoustic isolation pads minimize unwanted bass buildup that can muddy a mix. Plus, the pads’ angled design allow the user to tilt the monitors slightly up or down for more focused listening depending on their setup.

5" Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors with Bluetooth
5" Woofer
0.75" Tweeter
50 Watt
frequency range: 60 Hz - 20 kHz (- 3dB)
Speaker-Position Switch
Headphone Out with Gain Switch
Analog Inputs: 1/4" TR Jack, 1/8" Mini TR Jack, RCA
wooden cabinet
Audio Playback via Bluetooth
dimensions: 175 x 259 x 229 mm (WxHxD)
incl. Acoustic Isolations-Pads
price per pair!
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