Valid from 01.11.2015
Extra protection, no extra costs! We offer full customer support and protection with every purchase!
In contrast to the regular manufacturer guarantee, the friendlyhouse warranty applies only to consumers. A consumer is considered any person who concludes a legal transaction only for privat purposes which can be attributed to either non-commercial or self-employed occupation (e.g. resale or rental).
Since 01.11.2015 the friendlyhouse warranty has been valid from the date of purchase for 3 years. It is not transferable by the consumer! The warranty applies to product defects which are due to a material or manufacturing defects.

The friendlyhouse warranty excludes:

wearing parts - especially faders, control buttons, CD drives, needles, lamps, broken displays, etc., deficiencies caused by modifications or alterations by the consumer him or herself, operations not carried out by us or the official repair shop, nonobservance of the safety- or the operating instructions, signs of wear caused by improper use or use of force (e.g., droping, impacts, etc.), damage in transit.

If warranty repairs are made during the 3 years, the warranty period will not be extended or renewed.
friendlyhouse has the right to choose whether a product is to be repaired or exchanged free of charge. In the case of an exchange, the defective equipment will become our property. A product exchange requires the complete original packaging including all accessories. 

The legal warranty and any manufacturing warranty are not affected by the friendlyhouse warranty.

To make use of the friendlyhouse warranty, please note:

Contact us via email or phone and describe your problem. Maybe we can help you right away, so that you don't have to send us your device!
Please pack the device as well as possible using the original packaging including all originally available accessories. Also another packaging is necessary for shipping, so that the packaging of the device and the device itself are not damaged. We also need a copy of your invoice, your contact details and a detailed error description. Feel free to use our return form. Please send the broken device at your expense to: Friendly House, Wiedner Hauptstr.39, 1040 Vienna. We will process your complaint as soon as possible! With a valid warranty, we will take the shipping costs back to you.
If the repair is not covered by the 3-year warranty, we offer a paid repair cost estimate. Please state your request for a cost estimate when sending us the device!